Symposium Rushing to Revolution? Open Access Models for Humanities Journals

Op 17 oktober 2014 organiseren TS: tijdschrift voor tijdschriftstudies en de UB Utrecht een symposium over Open Access in de geesteswetenschappen. Hieronder volgt de Engelstalige aankondiging van het symposium. Meer informatie over het complete programma is te vinden op
Symposium – 17th of October 2014, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Rushing to Revolution?
Open Access Models for Humanities Journals
Up to this moment, there is no satisfying business model for Open Access journals within the Humanities. Yet, there is no turning back especially now the call for Open Access is strongly supported by politicians and funders. Is it possible to keep existing journals afloat in an Open Access world? Or do we need to make more radical choices by reforming publication culture and journal formats in the Humanities?

This symposium, organised by TS·> Tijdschrift voor tijdschrift­studies and Utrecht University Library, will explore possible solutions for scholarly journals that are contemplating or planning a transition to Open Access, and for journals that are currently trying to survive in Open Access. Experts from the international field of Open Access publishing for Humanities will share their views and experiences. Furthermore, several journal editors who made the transition to OA will talk about their new business models and the challenges they are facing. 
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Date:            17thof October 2014

Location:       Utrecht University Library, Heidelberglaan 3, 3584 CS Utrecht.

– Please send an e-mail to, before the 10th of October, 2014.
– Conference fee:  € 15,- Coffee, lunch and drinks  included. Any proceeds of the symposium will benefit  the publication of
TS·> Tijdschrift voor Tijdschriftstudies.
– Advance payment is preferred, to
TS·> Tijdschrift voor Tijdschriftstudies, IBAN: NL79INGB0007666254. Cash payment on the day of the symposium is also possible.