OSL Seminar “Fields, Graphs and Networks: New Sociologies of Literature”: open for application

 The seminar ‘Fields, Graphs and Networks’ focuses on new applications of sociologically inspired theories and methods within Literary Studies. It provides an overview of innovative concepts and methods that can be used to study literature as a social phenomenon. Different guest speakers will elaborate on their research and illustrate methods of analyzing problems that feature an intersection of sociology and literature in a qualitative and/or quantitative manner:


1 November 2013: Introduction and panel discussion

22 November 2013: Christophe Verbruggen (Ghent University), Social History and the Analysis of Literary Networks

13 December 2013: James F. English (University of Pennsylvania), New Sociologies of Literature and Quantitative Relationships

24 January 2014: Els Andringa (Utrecht University), Literary Transfer: An Empirical Approach to Polysystem Theory

21 March 2014: Bernard Lahire (University of Lyon), The Plural Actor: A Sociological Approach to the Life of Writers

Each speaker will introduce a distinct approach and discuss various ways in which his/her methods can be applied within the participants’ research projects. The meetings will be held at the University of Amsterdam and are open for RMA and PhD students interested in Literary and/or Social Studies.

At the end of the seminar, participants will have acquired the means to address specific literary topics from various sociological perspectives. They will also be equipped with a methodological toolbox that can aid them in using sociological analyses in their own research. 
The seminar is now open for application. Please send an email to Alex Rutten (Open University): Alex.Rutten@ou.nl if you like to attend the seminar.