Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France. Conference 2013

Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France is an AHRC-funded research project that aims to investigate how francophone literary texts travelled across Europe and beyond.

The project’s research questions include:
  • In what social and cultural milieus were francophone texts composed and disseminated outside France?
  • Is there a transnational francophone literary culture, and how does it vary?
  • Does the focus and form of medieval francophone literary texts change as they migrate?
  • Do sites of production and transmission outside France influence literary traditions in France?
  • Does literary French imply a cultural identity? If so, is this necessarily associated with France?
  • Should cultural identities be reconceived as mobile, produced by movement as much as by place?
  • What is the cultural freight of non-standard and hybrid forms of French?
  • How do non-standard forms influence our understanding of what French is?
  • Are there implications for literary history?
As part of the project’s programme of international conferences and public seminars, we warmly invite scholars to submit proposals for a conference to be held at University College London, 6-7 June 2013. The plenary speakers will be Prof. Keith Busby (University of Wisconsin) and Dr Frank Brandsma (Utrecht University). Celebrating UCL’s strengths in northern and eastern European cultures, the conference is intended to highlight especially the project’s northern trajectory, together with connections between north and south. We will be happy to consider papers that discuss the project’s key texts and manuscripts, but hope also to see the project’s questions addressed much more widely.
We plan to publish a volume of papers from this and the final project conference, to be held at King’s College, Cambridge, 10-12 April 2014.
Please email proposals, of approx. 250 words, to Dr Dirk Schoenaers ( by 1 December, 2012.
Papers should be approximately 20 minutes long, and may be delivered in English or French.
Members of the Research Team:

Prof. Simon Gaunt, KCL
Paul Vetch, KCL
David Murray, KCL
Dr Jane Gilbert, UCL
Dr Dirk Schoenaers, UCL
Prof. Bill Burgwinkle, University of Cambridge
Dr Nicola Morato, University of Cambridge