Call for papers: 13th ALCS Conference Worlding the Low Countries

University College London, 6–8 November 2019

Marking the occasion of the centenary of neerlandistiek in the anglophone world (the first Chair for Dutch Studies was founded in 1919 at University College London, with historian Pieter Geyl as its first incumbent), the 13th international and interdisciplinary conference of the Association for Low Countries Studies (ALCS2019) will be held at UCL from Wednesday to Friday, 6–8 November 2019.

This means that our normally biennial conference will be a year early. Not only is a centenary too good to pass on, this also puts the ALCS conference in alternate years with the INCS conference of the American Association for Netherlandic Studies. Colleagues will be in a better position to visit both conferences.

The full Call for Papers can be found on the conference website.

Call: The Low Countries: Picturing Reality, 28-30 juni 2018, Sheffield

Call for Papers

12th Biennial Conference of the Association for Low Countries Studies,

28 June – 30 June 2018

University of Sheffield

Centre for Dutch and Flemish Studies

Literature, language, visual arts provide a source of knowledge about the world, even if the connection between the real, the imaginary or the not-real will remain a source of controversy. This appears particularly the case today when binaries and boundaries are replaced with areas of interchange or zones of contact.

For the 12th ALCS Biennial Conference at the University of Sheffield we would like to ‘Picture reality’ in a Low Countries context. With this broad theme we want to map and analyse those areas of interchange. Our focus is on ‘traditional’ or binary pairings such as fiction and truth, art and life, imagination and history butaim to aproach them through a lens of complementarity and not only in terms of contamination and opposition. We regard adaptation and translation as exemplary contact zones.

We also take ‘picturing reality’ to indicate an interlinking of traditionally separate genres, disciplines or practices. We include in our theme certain moments of history, particular authors, painters, language situations and individual works that contain a high level of binary interlinking or those expressions in which several forms of artistic expression merge or clash. Lees verder >>

Call for Papers: Low Countries: Narrating Change, Changing Narratives

Association for Low Countries Studies, 11th Biennial Conference
29 June – 1 July 2016
Ardmore House
University College Dublin
Narration and story telling emerges as a new turn within the academy. Scholars increasingly question their position as observers or spectators and are not afraid to move towards a more engaged position. Ownership of the narrative is a central focus and concern. 
For the 11th ALCS Biennial Conference in 2016 – the centenary year of the Easter Rising in Ireland – we want to examine the narrative of change. How is change represented and narrated and how do these narratives change over time? All this in a Low Countries or comparative context and along and across broad cultural, linguistic and historical lines
Topics may include: 
  • Narrating change of cultural practices and dissenting voices
  • Narration of social change and the imaginative 
  • Narrating change and changing narrative in literature and the arts
  • Changing relationships between text and image in the pictorial arts
  • Changing linguistic norms and status of language varieties 
  • Translation as a process of change and transformation
  • Narrating change emerging from studies of lexis, semantics, pragmatics and syntax

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