Do animals speak? New research is urgent

Door Leonie Cornips

The aim of this video is to promote teaching and research in which humans and animals are considered as interconnected, problematising our Western ideas about the opposition between nature and culture. This is important since there is an increasing concern about the current human impact of a huge scale on ecosystems, all other sentient beings, global health like covid-19 and the planet. Investigating non-human animals as sentient co-beings instead of resources or commodities will improve our understanding of them, which is an essential but under-investigated element in the sustainability debate. Teaching and thinking about animals as sentient co-beings help to open up new ways to build relationships between humans and other animals. This research welcomes all insights around the globe because different cultures have different ways of thinking about how humans and animals relate to each other. Visit the website of the Center for AnimalHuman Studies for more information on this subject.