2 nieuwe nummers ‘Journal of Dutch Literature’

Van het Journal of Dutch Literature zijn twee nieuwe nummers verschenen. Ze kunnen online worden geraadpleegd.

Nummer 6.1 (2015): The Ethics of Autonomy. The Case of Willem Frederik Hermans (Guest Editors: Frans Ruiter and Wilbert Smulders)


  • Frans Ruiter and Wilbert Smulders – Preface
  • Andrew Goldstone – Autonomy Proliferates
  • Derek Attridge – Autonomy, the Singular Literary Work, and the Multilingualism of Hermans’s ‘Nooit meer slapen’
  • Frans Ruiter and Wilbert Smulders – Autonomy, Universality and Singularity: Bourdieu, Attridge, and Hermans
  • Thomas Vaessens – Autonomy and/as Faith
  • Frans Ruiter and Wilbert Smulders – Reply to Thomas Vaessens
  • Aukje van Rooden – Our Engagement with Literature: On Literature as a Way of Being
  • Laurens Ham – The Specialism of Unspecificity: Autonomy Claims and the Authority of Modern Writers
  • Marc De Kesel – The Morals of a Song. Ethics of Literature in W.F. Hermans’s ‘An Emancipation’
  • Arnold Heumakers – Listening to Céline’s petite musique, Hearing Hermans as well

Nummer 6.2 (2015):


  • Michal Wenderski – The Influence of Interpersonal Relationships on the Functioning of the Constructivist Network. A Case Study of Poland and the Low Countries.
  • Cyd Sturgess – Subtle Shifts, Sapphic Silences: Queer Approaches to Female Same-Sex Desire in the Netherlands (1912-1940).
  • Jan Lensen – ‘With a stretched arm. Like Superman, not like Hitler’. The Politics of Commemorative Irreverence in Astronaut van Oranje (2013) by Andy Fierens and Michaël Brijs.
  • Martine Veldhuizen – ‘Tong breect been’: The Sins of the Tongue in Middle Dutch Religious Didactic Writings.